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King Boris, The Cavalier

By Boris, with help from owner Maaike 


Hi everyone, I’m Boris and I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I’m two years old and the king of the household. If my parents sit on my spot on the couch, I will just stare at them with big puppy dog eyes until they move away — only the best for the king, of course!

We live in the busiest part of The Netherlands near Amsterdam. But luckily, we have the beach close by for when we need to relax! 

I never call Maaike my owner because, you know, I own her. Once you get a Cavalier King Charles, you become their staff. But in all seriousness, Maaike is my mom and companion. She is 25 years old and is obsessed with me. (And I feel the same way about her!)


Boris and Maaike.

We’ve been together since I was 10 weeks old and we met for the first time when I was seven weeks old. Our bond is very strong. She knows exactly what I want even though I can’t directly speak to her.

One of my favorite activities is chasing my dad’s drone — he hangs my toy below it and I just run and run (no worries they make sure it’s safe). Other things I like to do include meeting up with other cavaliers that I’ve met on Instagram. I prefer cavaliers over every other breed to play with — I recognize them immediately! But my favorite activity by far is sleeping. There’s nothing better than chasing your dreams! 

I prefer cavaliers over every other breed to play with — I recognize them immediately! But my favorite activity by far is sleeping. There’s nothing better than chasing your dreams!

Mom says I’m a picky eater, but I’d like to say that I have a ‘fine taste.’ I love the peanut butter cookies that she bakes for me. I also go crazy for a piece of apple or a red bell pepper! 


I didn’t want to become a vegetarian, and during my first year with mom and dad, I still ate meat. But I kept getting sick. I threw up a lot, had diarrhea and it caused many sleepless nights. 

I had to go to the vet very often and we tried many different diets. One night it got so bad we had to go to an emergency vet. There, they did an ultrasound of my tummy. An Instagram friend of ours, who is allergic to meat protein, told us how they found that out during an ultrasound. So my parents asked the vet to check for that as well. 

That’s when they found out I’m allergic to meat protein. In the beginning, they really struggled with that: what do you give a dog who’s allergic to meat?! But after some research we found out it’s not even that hard: there are many companies that provide veggie treats and, ever since I’ve gone veg, I’ve been super healthy again! 


I’ve made many friends but my bestie is Oscar. He lives in Norway and we met on instagram! By now, we’ve met a couple times in real life and, last summer, our families spent two weeks together. We had so much fun! Oscar is a big cavalier and I’m small, but we make a great team. 

Fun facts to know about me: 

  •  My favorite toy is Crokkii. I got him when I was a pup and I never sleep without him. If Crokkii isn’t in the bedroom when we go to sleep, my parents have to search the house till they find him. 

  •  My wardrobe is bigger than that of my parents. I have different sweaters, shirts, bandanas, bow ties, PJs and costumes. 

  •  A couple times a week, my dad plays piano music for me just before bedtime to calm me down. 

Follow Boris the Cavalier on Instagram @boris.king.charles.


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