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Yogi, The Pomeranian


Maria and Yogi.

“‘Yogi is a huge part of my life,” [Maria] says. ‘If you know me you probably know Yogi just as well. He’s a constant companion and pal.’”

Yogi, a seven-year-old Pomeranian, loves people and cuddles. He may be small but he’s totally sassy and fierce, especially around larger dogs (a funny sight to behold). His owner, Maria Johnson, a 25-years-old vintage collector and seller, cannot imagine life without Yogi. 

“Yogi is a huge part of my life,” she says. “If you know me you probably know Yogi just as well. He’s a constant companion and pal.”

Read more about this photogenic duo who does everything together:

Dog Whisperer HQ: How long have you had your pup and what is your bond like?

Maria: I’ve had Yogi since he was a few weeks old. We are together all the time. He’s my only roommate so he’s spoiled with attention. If I am doing something, he’s right by me. He has separation anxiety, so if he can’t see me, he gets upset.

DW: What do you two like to do together?

M: We take a lot of walks and hikes, go to boat docks to feed ducks, and — in the summer — I’ll take him on boat rides and canoeing. I take him anywhere I’m allowed to!

DW: Where did you first meet Yogi?

M: When I was 18, I went to pet puppies in Indiana after one of my college classes. Yogi was the runt and had to bunny hop over grass. I was trying to pet other dogs, but he kept following me around. I knew I had to take him home right then.

DW: What are Yogi’s favorite activities?

M: Yogi loves running around and tugging on stuffed animals. He pretty much loves any activity that allows him to interact with people.

DW: What are Yogi’s favorite foods and snacks?

M: Pupperoni is his favorite dog treat, but Yogi loves any human food he can get his paws on. 🐾

DW: Does Yogi have any best friends?

M: He has a small girl Yorkie friend named Sophie. But usually Yogi gets along better with cats and other small mammals than dogs.

DW: What are some fun facts about Yogi?

M: He loves dog clothes! Whenever I pull outfits out of his clothes bin, he spins and barks. He also has a dog papoose (carrier) he loves to get into. 

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