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‘Tis the Season to Dog-Proof Your Home (For the Holidays)

By Siara Clemente


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as the holiday season is almost here. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or something similar to Festivus— ‘tis the season! 

This time of year is centered around quality time with the family and your loving pooch! You love your pup dearly and want nothing more than for them to enjoy the holidays just as much as you do, however, in a safe manner. 

So, as you set up that wondrous holiday decor and Christmas Tree, how are you going to make sure your holiday decor is dog-friendly? 


Fresh Poinsettias, Holly & Mistletoe

One of the most beloved holiday classics that come with the change in weather is the colorful poinsettias, boughs of holly, and oh that mistletoe. As charming as these arrangements can be, they can also serve as a danger to your beloved Fido, due to their toxicity. Be sure to keep your pooch far from them.

O Christmas Tree

While on the topic of charming, yet dangerous, holiday classics is live Christmas Trees. The needles from the branches, as well as the tree water (if ingested), are infamous for causing tummy troubles that can lead to more serious issues. 

To keep your pooch safe and healthy during this holiday season, stick to the faux floral arrangements, and consider a faux-fur tree. Perhaps you’ll even consider a smaller tree than usual, up on a stand, where your pup can’t reach! Not only are faux trees safer for your pup (and your family), but they last longer, and take a whole lot less to maintain. You can always add well secured, fresh trimmings to your mantle for that winter pine smell.

With a fresh tree, if you notice your pup chewing on needles, it’s important to section off around the tree with a gate of sorts. In addition, be sure to avoid putting gifts out early. This will stop your curious pup from turning into a mischievous one!


Dog-Proof Holiday Decor

When it comes to the details, such as tree decorations, lighting, and stockings, there are still a few additional things to do when doggy-proofing the holiday season.

Anything edible is a big no-no. Edible garlands, such as those made out of popcorn, and any edible ornaments, including chocolate, candy canes, and those made out of salt-dough, should not be hung on the tree or left out as decor. These items in particular, are extremely toxic to dogs. 

In addition, steer away from ribbons and tinsel, as well any fragile decorations, such as glass ornaments. Glass ornaments are best hung at the top of the trees, as they’re less likely to fall and shatter. 

Make the Season Bright

For those who light Menorahs during this time of year, please beware of the placement with a lit flame. It should be out of reach from your pooch, on a stable surface. A great alternative is to use battery-operated flames instead. 

Hope that helps doggy-proof your home while decking the halls? Your pup can’t be forgotten during such an important time of year. 

Now, go rock around that Christmas Tree and have a happy holiday!

About Siara Clemente

Siara Clemente is from metro, New York City, and is a niche writer and contributor at Dog Whisperer® HQ.

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