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How Can You Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween


While many kids and their families look forward to Halloween each year, for dogs it can be a terrifying time. Most dogs become alarmed when they see strangers in costumes knocking on doors and ringing doorbells, and they enter “defense mode.” There are other potential risks on October 31st besides the tension it could bring. Continue reading to discover some insightful tips for keeping your furry friend safe on Halloween.

Keep Your Dog Away From the Halloween Treats

Some of the Halloween treats we humans love are dangerous to dogs. Many dogs, unlike cats, who can be food selective, will eat anything it comes across. Keep your pets safe by keeping the snacks below out of their reach.

Chocolate: Chocolate intake by canines is the most common ingestive hazard at Halloween. Unfortunately, the theobromine found in chocolate is toxic to dogs. This ingredient is very abundant in baking chocolate. If you’re looking for a rule of thumb, know that the darker the chocolate, the riskier it is.

If your pet has accidentally eaten chocolate, you should get in touch with a vet, an animal hospital, or a pet poison hotline right away. The sooner your dog receives treatment, the less risk he or she will be in. If your dog has also ingested candy wrappers or packages, he or she may have an intestinal obstruction. Therefore, make sure to tell your veterinarian of what was ingested.

Chewy Gums and Candies: The risk associated with the xylitol substance in candies is the main cause of concern. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is often used as a sugar substitute. Unfortunately, xylitol can be fatal to dogs. This ingredient is commonly found in sugar-free products, but it is showing up in an increasing number of foods. Gum, candies, and baked items without sugar often use xylitol as a replacement sweetener. It is also sometimes present in toothpaste and peanut butter.

Raisins: Some Halloween treat givers prefer to present small packs of raisins. Grapes and raisins are fine for kids, but they’re toxic to dogs and can trigger renal problems. Keep raisins well away from your dog at all times. If your four-legged friend has accidentally eaten raisins, you should contact your vet or a veterinary emergency clinic right away. If you respond quickly, you may be able to minimize the damage to your pet.

Hard Candies: It’s not just chocolate that’s dangerous for dogs; hard candies can be too. Consuming a large number of hard candies or gum at once might lead to a dangerous clumping in the stomach.

Candy Wrappers: Wrappers for candies are just as dangerous as the candies themselves, as they can get stuck in your pet’s throat or intestines and cause serious health problems. Metal or plastic packagings, such as foil or cellophane, may cause stomach distress.

Keep Your Dog Inside On Halloween

If you can, take your furry friend for a walk while it’s still bright outside. On lawns and streets, your dog may encounter sweets, wrappers, and broken eggs. Put these delicious goodies out of reach. Even if your dog is fenced in, he should not be left outside unsupervised on Halloween. On Halloween night, some mean pranksters have been known to torment, hurt, steal, and even kill pets. It’s best to keep your dogs inside the house where it’s safe.

Keep Halloween Corn and Pumpkins away From Your Dog

These vegetables aren’t poisonous in small doses, but eating too much of them at once can cause stomach problems for your pet. Even if they don’t vomit, if they eat a whole pumpkin or a corncob, they could end up with an intestinal blockage.


Be Cautious With Pet Costumes

Some pets may become anxious when wearing a costume. PetMD and the ASPCA advise against dressing your dog in a costume unless you are certain they will be at ease and not feel stressed. Make sure your dog can see and breathe normally while wearing the outfit. To ensure there are no choking risks, check and remove little, dangling parts on the costume that can be chewed off. Before wearing the costume, let your dog become familiar with it. If they act disinterested in the outfit, don’t force them to wear it.

Restrict Your Dog and Keep her Away From The Door

Regular visitors, especially kids in weird masks, are expected to stop by your home. Pets can get stressed out by the repeated opening and closing of doors, as well as the ringing of doorbells or pounding. A dog could easily become anxious and confused in a home with a lot of people coming and going and a lot of commotion.

In addition, your four-legged friend feel a need to defend their territory, and as a result, they may exhibit behaviors like hostility and attempt to leave through the open door. If your canine tends to get anxious around visitors, it’s best to keep them in a room farthest from the door during the celebrations to prevent them from running away.

Keep The Dogs Away From Lit Pumpkins And Electrical Cords.

To prevent injury or a fire, keep your furry friend away from the pumpkin. If your dog chews on the cords, he or she may be injured by glass or plastic fragments or suffer a potentially fatal electric shock.

Maintain Your Dog’s Calmness and Identification.

Pets may become anxious or fearful if you have too many strangers over for Halloween. Unless your dog is exceptionally sociable, it’s best to keep him or her in another room away from the front door while trick-or-treaters are visiting.

Make sure your dog doesn’t bolt out the door when you open it for visitors. A collar with ID tags and/or a microchip can be a lifesaver for a lost pet if it ever escapes for whatever reason, so always ensure your pet is wearing the right identification. You’ll have a better chance of getting them back with the right identification.


There you have it! Above are some amazing tips to keep your dog safe on Halloween. Halloween can be exciting for you and your family. However, while you enjoy and have fun, it is important to keep your four-legged friend safe. By following the aforementioned preparation and safety measures, you can keep your furry friend safe and make the period enjoyable for her.

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