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Fall Activities With Your Dog


Fall is a lot of things – it’s beautiful, cold, scenic, and full of fun activities. The best thing is that these activities are not only limited to humans and there are a lot of things you can do with your dog in the fall. After all, our dogs deserve to enjoy it just as much as we do. 

So, now without much ado, let’s have a look at some fall activities to do with your dog. 

Go On a Camping Trip 

This year, take your dog on a camping trip. It can be a great pick as dogs love to be outdoors and camping can be an exciting way to explore nature and new things together. Moreover, camping will give you a chance to connect with your dog in ways that just cannot happen at home. 

You will get uninterrupted time with your pet and allow you to connect with each other. Plus, camping can be a great way to reconnect with nature and let your worries go away.

This activity is suitable for almost all breeds and involves little hard work. Still, plan ahead, keep all safety precautions in your mind, and choose a safe and dog-friendly camping ground for you and your pet. Don’t forget to pack clothes according to the weather and carry enough food and water. 

Also, don’t just stay in the camp. Get out and give your dog a chance to explore the area and get introduced to new smells and sounds. But, don’t forget to keep your dog on a leash and consider microchipping your dog before the trip.

Note: Your dog may feel tired after a camping trip so allow your furry animal to rest once you’re back home.


Hiking is most enjoyed in the fall season. The breezy weather and beautiful scenery present good hiking conditions and there’s no reason why your dog should miss out on any of that. Moreover, hiking can be a great exercise for you and your dog. Other ways your dog can benefit from hiking include mental stimulation, burning physical energy, and health improvement.  

While fun, hiking can also end up being physically demanding. Here are some tips to help prepare your dog for hiking: 

  • Take your dog on long walks before hiking to get into shape.

  • Pack water, high-calorie foods, and treats for your dog.

  • Prepare a complete medical kit for your dog in any case of injury.

  • Check if your dog has had all the required vaccinations.

  • Train your dog and ensure he remains calm during the journey. 

  • Above all, choose a safe and dog-friendly hiking trail.

Remember to gear up properly before the hiking trip and make a list of all trail hazards you might come across. Furthermore, don’t just pack for the dog but pack for yourself as well. 

Pick Apples or Whatever You Get Your Hands On

Next on our fall activities roundup is apple picking. If hiking and camping aren’t your cups of tea, you can always take your dog to the nearest dog-friendly farm or orchard to pick some apples. Don’t worry if you can’t find an apple orchard, other fruits (not too soft) can be suitable as well. 

Spend a few hours with your dog collecting apples and use them to make delicious desserts like apple pies, apple tarts, and apple cider donuts. Also, let your dog eat some apples but keep an eye on the number of apples he consumes. 

Too many apples can cause diarrhea or stomach aches. Apple seeds contain cyanide that can result in choking and digestive problems. So, make sure to limit your dog’s apple consumption to one or two slices to be safe. 

Note: Seek permission before you visit the farm and ensure you are aware of all relevant policies. 


Do a Fall-themed Photoshoot 

A fall-themed photoshoot starring your dog should be an absolute delight. The fall season is known for its pretty blend of colors, cool winds, fallen leaves, and pumpkin patches. These things combined make for a perfect setting for a photoshoot. 

Grab your camera, choose a location where your dog feels comfortable, and get ready to take some of the most adorable pictures of your dog. 

Some places you can take your dog for a fall photo shoot can include corn mazes, apple orchards, hiking trails, or just the local park near your house.

Bring along toys and treats to reward your dog for good poses and make sure to be patient with your dog. Some dogs take a while to open up to a camera.

Explore a Corn Maze 

Losing yourself in a corn maze is a tradition enjoyed by everyone in the fall season. Corn mazes are thrilling to navigate and get lost in with your friends and family, and it’s a seasonal adventure you need to go on every fall. 

This fall, let your dog join in on the fun. Roam through the endless cornfields with your loyal companion by your side. This fun activity provides your dog with a chance to experience new scents and sights, while allowing you two to have a gala time together. 

Don’t forget to clean up after your dog and keep it away from farm animals if you encounter any. 

Some mazes require your pets to be on a leash so remember to check in with the farm before you show up.


Play in the Leaves 

It’s fall, you’ll come across piles and piles of leaves everywhere you go. If you want to spend time with your dog without having to visit farms and mazes, you could take him on a walk like you normally do – but this time your dog gets to roll over in a pile of crunchy orange leaves. 

But, is it safe to let your dog play in the leaves? Contact with old leaves can lead to mold and bacterial infections that can be harmful to your dog’s health. Moreover, your dog can come across mites, spiders, and other insects while playing in the leaves.

None of these things should stand in the way of your dog having a good time. So, make sure that the leaves are fresh and free of moisture. Look out for any sharp sticks and broken tree branches before letting your dog play in the leaves. 

When your dog is finished playing, remember to give him a good bath to avoid any risks. 


Visit a Pumpkin Patch

If your dog is not a big fan of picking apples, you can opt for going to a dog-friendly pumpkin patch instead. Picking pumpkins is yet another fall tradition and one your dog should experience. Your dog will have a superb time picking out the perfect pumpkin with you and stumble across all sorts of exciting smells and sights at the pumpkin patch.

The best thing about this fall activity with your dog is that over time your dog will improve and be able to identify ‘good’ pumpkins. Appreciate your dog’s hard work and watch him grin with joy. Also, make delicious pumpkin desserts and treats that you can both enjoy later.

Take Your Dog on a Playdate 

Visit the dog park and allow your dog to mingle with other dogs. Moreover, plan special dates if your dog already has a best friend. You can host a fall-themed playdate by planning fun outdoor games, organizing tasty treats for everyone, and doing a group photoshoot.

A playdate can be an excellent way for your dog to mingle with other dogs, form new bonds, and burn off energy. So, ring your friends up and ask them to bring their dogs, pick a safe location to host the playdate, and allow your dogs to have a fall-themed playdate they will never forget. 

Celebrate the Football Season 

If you’re a football fan then consider enjoying a game of football with your four-legged friend. This can be done in two ways – buy a ticket and enjoy a live match or sit in front of a couch with tasty treats to enjoy.

You and your dog can cheer on your favorite team and show your support by wearing matching jerseys. Moreover, use this opportunity to snap more cute pictures of your dog and post them on your social media to root for your favorite team. 

Note: Not all stadiums allow dogs so make sure to confirm beforehand.

Stop by Starbucks 

Starbucks loves dogs and the coffee chain has a special offer for your furry friend. Stop by your nearest Starbucks and treat your dog to a free “Puppuccino” – a small espresso cup filled with whipped cream. Enjoy your favorite drink at the cafe and let your doggo have a good time. 

Have Some Puzzle Time 

Here’s an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy. Invest in a dog puzzle and watch your dog have a good time. This is a great fall activity as puzzles encourage dogs to use their brain and improve their problem-solving skills. However, be sure to be there for your dog and offer some rewards in return.

Some experts believe that playing with puzzles can help reduce anxiety and control problematic behavior. 


Halloween Themed Fall Activities With Your Dog 

No article covering fall activities to do with your dog can be complete without the mention of Halloween, one of the most celebrated holidays of the fall season. 

The festival is not only for you and your kids but also for your four-legged friend. Here are some great Halloween activities for your dog:

Trick or Treat

The first Halloween activity on the list is taking your dog on trick or treating with you. 

Trick or treating with your dog will include long walks, ringing doorbells, collecting candy, and interacting with other dogs – all things that your dog is bound to enjoy. However, make sure not to feed a lot of candies to your dog as excessive amounts of sugar can harm them.

Carve Pumpkins 

Carving pumpkins is another Halloween must. Go back to the pumpkins you picked or bought and start decorating them. Your dog will not be able to do much but they’ll enjoy being a part of the process. 

You can also turn the carved pumpkin into a happy jack-o-lantern and make your dog post next to it.

Put on a Costume 

Make your dog your plus one this season and attend a Halloween party together. You can even dress up like your dog! 

Make it more interesting by being creative and coming up with cool costumes. However, make sure the dog is easy for your dog to carry.

Buy your Dog a Spooky Toy 

Halloween is not limited to just candies and costumes. Visit the local pet store with your dog and buy a spooky Halloween toy for your furry friend. It’s best that you let your dog pick the toy. Dogs usually pick or bark at toys that they like. 


Watch a Scary Movie

If you or your dog don’t feel like going out this Halloween, you can stay at home and watch a scary movie together. Scary movies are also Halloween traditions so grab some popcorn, snuggle up with your dog, and have a cozy night at home. 

Research shows that dogs enjoy watching TV with their humans and some may even connect with the happenings, especially if there is a dog in a movie. 

Here are some of the best scary movies to watch with your dog this fall:

  • The Pack (2015) 

  • Cujo (1983)

  • Frankenweenie (2012)

  • Scooby-Doo (2002)

  • Poltergeist (1982) 

  • Pet Sematary (2019) 

  • Baxter (1989) 

So, start preparing for the fall season and have a memorable time with your loved ones.

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