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10 Fun Facts About Dogs!

We all know that our pup is special, but did you know that a dog’s nose print is completely unique, like a human’s fingerprint (AKC)? Or that both you and your dog’s blood pressure go down when you pet your pup? (Ahh, the best kind of therapy!) How about the fact that dogs are among a small group of animals who show “voluntary unselfish kindness towards others without any reward,” based on this study? Well, we all may have already known that one, but here are 10 dog facts you may not have known.

1. Like humans, dogs dream. If you see your pup squirming around or moving her paw when she’s asleep, she may be dreaming (probably about snacks and cuddles). Puppies and senior dogs dream the most. 


2. Dogs can detect diseases in humans, including cancer, with their fine-tuned and exceptional sense of smell


3. Dogs are not colorblind; they can see blue and yellow, and colors on that spectrum. This could be why dogs go crazy over bright yellow tennis balls!


4. Dogs have three eyelids per eye! This third eyelid is called the nictitating membrane or a “haw.” This protects the eye, prevents infection, keeps the cornea clean and helps the dog produce more tears. 


5. Dogs sweat — through glands in their paw pads! So they sweat through their feet. If a dog is very hot, you may notice him leaving faint paw prints on the ground.


6. A one-year-old dog is comparable to a 15-year-old human! Past the first few years, dog years multiplied by seven are the equivalent human years. So a ten-year-old dog is about 70 human years!


7. Dogs don’t have a concept of time, which is not totally surprising as time — as we understand it — is a human construct. Pups are more likely to live in the present and rely on their circadian rhythm. (How can we do that?!)


8. Dogs were the first domestic animal. Humans kept dogs as pets as early as 16,000 years ago. Other evidence suggests the first domesticated dog was from 32,000 years ago!


9. Saint Bernards are the heaviest dogs; they can weigh up to 180 pounds! They are a working dog, originally bred for rescue work.


10. Greyhounds can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. That’s like a car whizzing by, only cuter and furrier. 


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