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How To Prep Your Dog For Autumn

By Siara Clemente

Welcoming autumn is always a joy. There are endless colorful leaves, a change to brisk temperatures and an overwhelming excitement for the upcoming holidays! As we embrace the change in seasons and adapt, it’s important that we make sure our pups do the same.

We’ve curated a list of actions to help prepare our four-legged friends for autumn. This list consists of many items that we, as dog owners, do all year round. Some others are targeted at helping Fido be as cozy as possible this fall, allowing the change in seasons to be as easy as pumpkin pie. 

Out with the old, in with the new

When fall is near, one of the first things we all do is upgrade our wardrobe. That means it’s time to upgrade our pooch’s wardrobe too! With the cooler temperatures and damper weather, it’s important that your buddy is comfortable both inside and outside of the home. Upgrading and purchasing the proper seasonal equipment will keep your best friend warm and happy all season long! 

Sleepy Time: Bedding is so important as we head into this time of year. Hardwood floors and tiling can get awfully chilly. If it’s time for a new dog bed, be sure to purchase it early, and always offer your pup blankets to cuddle with. Temperatures drop at night, and no one likes a cold nose, ears or paws!

Dress for The Occasion: Fall is hoodie weather and even though our pups have fur coats, they need to be dressed accordingly. Depending on the temperatures, it is worth investing in a potential dog sweater or vest. And with those floors getting chilly, if your pooch isn’t a fan of booties, they may enjoy socks (like mine). My pup will wear those around the house all day when her paws are cold! 

Rainy Days: While browsing for seasonal attire for your fur baby, an absolute must for autumn is a raincoat and a pair of booties (if your dog will allow it)! No one, not even your pup, enjoys being sopping wet after coming inside when it’s raining. It may seem fun at first, but their coat will remain damp, and we can’t have them catching a cold. It’s best to avoid this altogether. Also, it’s always a good idea to get a coat that has some reflective details, for those cloudier days. 

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We change with the seasons

With fall comes shorter days. This can be confusing for everyone, especially our animals. To help them adapt to this seasonal change, we must guide them through it. Following this list will help keep your pup content as the time change creeps in. 

Schedule Changes: Autumn mornings tend to be a bit dark. It’s good to wait the darkness and cooler temperatures out, and walk your pooch a little later during this time of year. In the evenings, however, it’s important to walk them a bit earlier, to beat the darkness and chilling temperatures. It may take some time for your dog to adjust to this change in schedule. To start, do it in 15-minute increments.  

Leave the Light On: Because it takes longer for the sun to rise, but it sets a bit earlier, leave the light on for your pup. No one likes a pitch black house. It can be the hallway light, kitchen light or maybe even a night light, but leave the light on. As the season progresses, it’ll only get darker earlier. 

Always Make Time: With the change in seasons comes a lack of sunshine, which may cause the blues. Be sure to set time aside every day to play with your pup in the evenings. You’re their whole world! Pro-tip: Rotate toys out. They’ll last longer, and your pup will be just as excited to see them the second, third and fourth time, as they were the first! 

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Don’t forget the basics

As a dog owner, it’s important you keep your pooch up-to-date on all of their vaccines and medications all year round. Just because the weather chills out, doesn’t mean fleas or mosquitoes do. Flea medication and heartworm medication should be used consistently — be sure to not forget them!  

There you have it: a carefully curated list of how to prep your pooch for autumn. Our four-legged friends are our family. It’s important we make them as cozy and comfortable as they make us. It’s the least we can do! 

Siara Clemente is a part-time freelance writer and full-time mom to three cats and a dog. She writes consistently for Tlabambaa, a dog-wellness brand, and is top rated on Upwork. Autumn is Siara’s favorite time of year, as the seasons change beautifully on the East Coast. Being an animal enthusiast that volunteers with them regularly, some of her niches include dog wellness and the nonprofit world.

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