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15 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs & Dog Lovers


Indeed, dogs are considered man’s best friend. They’ll make the cutest companions for your children and will always be there to play with them. If you have a friend or family member who treats their dog like a member of the family, shopping for them can be an awesome experience. In this article of gifts ideas for dog owners, you’ll find items that will delight both the owners and their canine companions. Even dog groomers and dog trainers will find some of these items beneficial.

Furthermore, dogs that are aggressive chewers will enjoy an indestructible dog toy, particularly one that teaches them to tolerate confinement. An interactive dog toy, such as a pet snuffle mat that challenges their sense of smell and digging abilities, can help pet owners keep their dogs occupied during meetings or days when they just want to unwind.

What’s more, you can get a dog of any size, shape, or breed from a variety of terrific dog subscription boxes. In addition, a custom dog pillow, notepad, or sweatshirt will make any dog lover proud to flaunt their best friend’s cuteness. Check out this list for some excellent ideas on what to get your dog for Holiday season. 

Custom Pet Portrait

What dog owner wouldn’t want a portrait of their pet hanging proudly in their living room? Indicate to the vendor how you’d like the painting customized. You can get it on canvas, paper, or framed in black.

Dog Whisperer Holiday Dinosaur Squeaker

Dog Whisperer Holiday Dinosaur Squeaker

Chew toys for your dog are always fun.  This durable squeaker/chew toy for your dog is bound to result in hours of fun.  He is just one of the many Dog Whisperer toys available which are perfect stocking stuffers for your pet.

Dog Travel Bag

A dog owner in your life will appreciate a travel bag so they can bring their pet along on all of their exciting adventures. You can store your pet’s food, treats, toys, and more in the large interior compartment, which also comes with two collapsible bowls.

Custom Dog Bowls

Enhance your pet’s dining experience with this upscale option for his or her bowl. Pick the background color, the outline color, and the font after you’ve told the seller the dog’s name.

LED Dog Collar

The LED dog collar is rechargeable and waterproof, making it perfect for nighttime walks with your pet. It’s flexible and has a 10-hour battery life once charged (batteries not needed).

Dog Whisperer Healthy + EcoFriendly Shampoos

Basket of Dog Whisperer Healthy + EcoFriendly Shampoos

Giving a basket of the Dog Whisperer Healthy + EcoFriendly Shampoos is not only the perfect gift for keeping our dogs looking good, but you can feel good about their all-natural ingredients while also being eco-friendly.  The line includes four different shampoos plus a lavender spearmint scent for in between washes.

Customized Dog Sweatshirt

After selecting the desired sweater size and additional personalization options (such as the recipient’s dog breed, name, and ink color), you can give them a unique sweatshirt that they can wear anywhere.

Dog Bluetooth Location Tracker

Gift your dog with this, and you may just save its life. Any pet owner can rest easier knowing their companion has this Bluetooth tracker, which syncs with a smartphone app.

Custom Dog Door Mat

Make a custom doormat for your canine-loving friend. It would look great hanging on their front door or the canine equivalent.

Customized Dog Mug

Choose from ten various colors to create a one-of-a-kind cup, with a portrait of your dog adorning the front. You can write the pet’s name in script above the picture.

The Dog’s Shaggy Fur Bed

This dog bed is a comfortable place for your pet to relax thanks to its faux shag fur design. It’s soft on the outside and has a raised rim to give your neck a little extra support.

Custom Dog Pillow

An image of your furry friend on a pillow is something you can never have too many of. You can choose to buy either the pillow and case set, or just the case.

Custom Paw Print Necklace

To make this a truly unique present, you should email the seller a photo of your pet’s paw print. The larger disc will have the pet’s name engraved on it, while the smaller disc will have the inscription. You can get the necklace in your choice of silver, gold, or rose gold.


Dog Whisperer Dog Treats

Basket of Dog Whisperer Treats

Who does not love a basket of delicious goodies?  Your dog is going to love all the delicious options of Dog Whisperer treats available.  They can be used as simple treats or for training.  The entire line of Dog Whisperer dog treats are available at selected stores.


This convenient device will guarantee that your dog receives the appropriate amount of food at the appropriate time, even if you are too busy (or forgetful) to feed it yourself. The system can be programmed to dispense meals at predetermined times, or you can use the accompanying mobile app to do so on the fly. Additionally, the history function is useful for keeping tabs on your pet’s feeding schedule.

There you have it! Above are some amazing holiday gift ideas for dogs and dog lowers. The holiday season is a great time to get something wonderful for your loved ones and pets. In case you’re thinking of buying a gift for your furry friend or loved one who are also dog owners, the above gift ideas can be really helpful.

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